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Bauer Beregnung Centerliner
Heythuysen in Holland

Hendriks rolls out the green carpet worldwide

What the red carpet is to film stars, the green field is to soccer stars: Hendriks rolled sod is grown for the most prominent stadiums in the world with the help of Bauer irrigation technology.

Stade Bernabeu in Madrid, Stade de France in Paris, Red Bull Arena in Leipzig, Allianz Arena in Munich, Ernst Happel Stadion Vienna, Amsterdam Arena, Juventus Stadium Turin, Lokomotiv Stadium in Moscow and countless other large and small stadiums around the world have one thing in common: rolled sod from Hendriks in the Netherlands. It lays the foundation for masterful soccer matches. Four Hendriks brothers in the third generation began the cultivation and production of sod in the year 1975. At the time, they had a modest five hectares available, but they knew how to make optimal use of it.

Bauer Beregnung
Quality and innovation

500 soccer fields

Continuous investments in quality and innovation – machines were developed in-house, the employees were highly trained – made the company one of the international leaders in this segment. In the meantime, the family company Hendriks Graszoden Bw, one of the largest turf producers in Europe, has grown to over 350 hectares – the size of 500 soccer fields!

Hendriks Graszoden cultivates a large selection of grass species on sandy soil within a radius of 20 kilometers around the farm. This forms an outstanding basis for the production of rolled sod. The team of 20 employees, each of which has a specialty, brings forth a premium product with quality that is guaranteed by strict German DIN and TÜV certification.

Bauer Beregnung Rainstar E41
10 Rainstars and 1 Centerliner

Rainstars for the green carpet

The rolled sod production takes place in sandy soil that is known for retaining little water. Waterlogging would be absolutely counterproductive, which is why the frequency and dosing of the irrigation are essential for the optimal growth of the plants. To ensure this, Hendriks utilizes a total of ten Rainstars and one Centerliner from Bauer. Reliability, long service life and efficiency are the key features of the Bauer irrigation machines, which have once again proven themselves at Hendriks in the Netherlands. This is why the Rainstars will continue to play a large role for the soccer stars of the world.