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Bauer Langwellenpumpe LEC-HD 11/5
Gratwein in Austria

BAUER pumps for the wood industry

To produce fine veneers, wood must be gently cooked at high temperatures. In the veneer factory Merkscha near Graz, the arising hot waste water is used sustainably for heating purposes. A LEC-HD long shaft pump from BAUER plays an important role in this process.

Bauer Langwellenpumpe LEC-HD 11/5

Veneers are considered the finest thing that can be made from wood. The 0.5 to 8mm thin sheets of wood, which are separated from the trunk by various sawing and cutting processes, embellish furniture, doors or even musical instruments. The production of high-quality veneers requires expertise, care and precision. And - as in the veneer factory Merkscha - the services of a Magnum long-shaft pump LEC-HD 11kW from BAUER.

Bauer Langwellenpumpe LEC-HD 11/5

High-temperature waste water arises during the production of veneers, because the fine sheets of wood have to be carefully boiled before they are planed and sliced. For a long time, the veneer factory was looking for a suitable pump that firstly withstands the 70-80°C hot wastewater and secondly can pump the medium up from a depth of five meters. The ideal solution was finally found with the BAUER LEC pump: the Magnum pump first cuts the wood residues in the water and then pumps the hot medium to a silo. A large part of the waste water is used sustainably as an energy source - thanks to a heating coil inside the silo, heat is generated for the in-house heating system. The rest of the dirty water is gradually pumped into several pits to cool down. Only when a certain temperature has been reached can the waste water be pumped into the sewer. A separate control system has been designed in the veneer factory for precise control. In this way, the current temperature of the water can be determined to the minute.

Bauer Langwellenpumpe LEC-HD 11/5

Bauer long shaft pump LEC-HD 11/5

Impeller 230

Flow 40-300m³/h

Height 4-15m

Performance 8,5-11 kW

Rotations 1475/min

With cutting device and chrome steel impeller