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Water is our element.

We make soil fertile

Intelligent irrigation is the basis for a reliable harvest and optimal yield. The solutions from BAUER are the result of over 90 years of experience, expertise and innovation.

The needs of our customers are diverse. We maintain a complete product range. And we are sure to have the right product for you.

BAUER irrigation options

Our strong line-up.

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Complete provider

The needs of our customers are diverse. The same is equally true of our solutions.

Simple pipe irrigation, mechanical Rainstar hose reel machines from very small to very large, for sports fields or for vegetable farms spanning two-thousand hectares. Low-pressure irrigation systems – Centerstar, Linestar, Monostar or Centerliner – for circular, rectangular, regular or irregular areas, no matter the size, stationary or towable. Electronic control for maximum precision. Digital apps for efficient and worry-free irrigation management. Plus the right piping and perfectly matched pumps, since no irrigation system is complete without them. We have everything you need.


Stress prevention for crops

There are many reasons to irrigate

Especially in times of climate change, irrigation is an essential basis for securing our food supply. Extreme weather events are becoming increasingly frequent. Long dry phases are followed by enormous quantities of rain, which cannot be absorbed by the soil and plants. The only solution is clever irrigation. Even apart from extreme weather, there are many other reasons to buy an irrigation machine: To increase productivity, for example – especially if space is tight. Or to compensate for unfavorable climatic conditions. Or to protect the plants from stress. After all, lack of water puts stress on any crop. The result is a significant reduction in the starch and energy content as well as the yield. This can be prevented with a carefully designed irrigation solution.

The right dose

At the right time

For efficient irrigation and a good harvest, it is essential for the plants to receive the right dose of water at the right time, in the right growth phase. Highly precise irrigation is important for an optimal harvest. Without it, the seed, fertilizer and energy put into the crop are practically wasted.

For example, potatoes need sufficient water particularly in the phase of tuber formation. It is no help if the field is essentially in a high-rain region but little precipitation can be expected during this critical phase for climate reasons. If you want to eliminate this risk, irrigation is indispensable.