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Bauer diesel pump units

Low-cost irrigation starts already with the design of the entire system. An essential part of this is that the pumping unit matches perfectly with the irrigation machine. Obtaining both from one supplier has a huge advantage: the irrigation system always works in the ideal, economical range. BAUER diesel pump units are optimized for use in combination with BAUER irrigation systems. Thus our customers can be sure that they obtain maximum output from their irrigation plant.

Bauer Beregnung Dieselpump-Aggregat
Perfectly matched

Convincing benefits

Our powerful diesel pump units are the first choice whenever a portable solution is required. The pump and motor are perfectly matched to each other, efficiency is consistently high over the entire performance range. Our units are designed in such a way that fuel consumption is low at all operating points. They are made of high-quality components and impress with their excellent manufacturing level. They are mounted on a frame tank with a capacity of 400 litres or more and can be equipped with a range of additional accessories such as automatic switch-off, remote start-stop function or acoustic hood.

Bauer Beregnung Dieselpumpaggregat

Bauer diesel pump units and irrigation systems: a perfect symbiosis

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Bauer Beregnung Dieselpumpaggregat
The driving force


  • Motor output at 2.300 min‑1: 55kW – 175KW
  • Pressure connection: DN80 to DN125
  • Suction connection: DN100 to DN150
  • Tank capacity: 400 to 1000 litre





ModelDescriptionEngineCylinderEngine PowerPump typePressure connectionSuction portTank
064 4508D-Aggregat F32 MNSX00+MEC-MG 80 4/3AIveco455 KWMEC-MG 80 4/3ADN 80DN 100400 Liter
064 4509D-Aggregat N45 MSSX00+MEC-MG 80 4/3AIveco474 kWMEC-MG 80 4/3ADN 80DN 100400 Liter
064 4507D-Aggregat F32 MNSX00+MEC AG 4/100AIveco455 kWMEC AG 4/100ADN 100DN 125400 Liter
064 4516D-Aggregat N45 MSTX20+MEC MG 100HT/2DIveco496 kWMEC MG 100HT/2DDN 100DN 125600 Liter
064 4519D-Aggregat N67 MNTX20+MEC MG 100HT/2AIveco6129 kWMEC MG 100HT/2ADN 100DN 125600 Liter
064 4545D-Aggregat N67 MNTX20+MEC AG 4/125AIveco6129 kWMEC AG 4/125ADN 125DN 150600 Liter
064 4546D-Aggregat N67 MNTX20+MEC 125HT/2DIveco6129 kWMEC MG 125HT/2DDN 125DN 150600 Liter
064 4550D-Aggregat N67 ENTX20+MEC MG 125HT/2AIveco6175 kWMEC MG 125HT/2ADN 125DN 1501000 Liter

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