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The most efficient system beneath the sun

Pivot and linear systems from BAUER

Large fields place high demands on any irrigation system. Differing terrain as well as soil structures, crops and, above all, wind conditions in the field can significantly impact efficiency and profitability.

BAUER rises to these challenges with intelligent and especially robust solutions. For instance with GPS-controlled pivot systems that adapt perfectly to the changing conditions. Precise alignment control and high-quality technology ensure perfect functioning. The wide wheelbase also provides greater stability under heavy winds and ensures uniform irrigation even under the most difficult conditions.



gentle rain

A BAUER system keeps its promises

Low pressure systems are the key to success

  • Irrigation efficiency due to even distribution
  • Low pressure for cost optimization
  • Consistent performance for different conditions
  • Durability in all weather conditions
  • Homogeneous and gentle precipitation
Pivot and linear systems from BAUER

The most efficient system under the sun

The principles of efficiency and sustainability guide the way in the development of our pivot and linear systems. BAUER low-pressure systems can be operated at a connection pressure of less than 3 bar. This requires less work from the pump, which also improves cost-efficiency. BAUER systems are designed to supply a pressure of 1.1 bar at the end of the system (or 1 bar in the case of pressure reducing valves). Depending on the length and pipe friction losses, a pressure of 1.5 – 4 bar is sufficient at the connection point.

Our pivot and linear systems impress with a uniform droplet size and balanced water distribution: The water is regularly distributed over the entire field area and can penetrate deep down to the roots of the plants. Irrigation close to the ground avoids puddles and creates the optimal conditions for uninterrupted growth and a reliable harvest.

The pressure required for operation of the system is directly related to the efficiency of the irrigation system. With low-pressure irrigation systems, optimal water quantities can be spread across the field very cost-efficiently. BAUER systems operate with extremely high reliability and are unaffected by external factors such as soil, climate or crops.

Innovation leadership and economic efficiency

The advantages of BAUER

More than 90 years of experience in the agricultural irrigation sector means that BAUER has accompanied generations of farmers in their irrigation activities and therefore knows perfectly the requirements they place on an irrigation machine. This is a perfect basis: As only those who know exactly the concerns and demands of the customers can develop the best solutions for optimal water utilization. As a medium-sized company based in Europe, BAUER is big enough to offer perfect irrigation solutions even for large-scale areas. At the same time we are also flexible enough to provide tailor-made solutions for all areas of application.

Bauer Beregnung Pivot Zuckerrüben
Quality that passes through fire

Maximum durability for highly corrosive liquids

Water qualities vary widely. Nevertheless, expectations of long service life and efficiency are always equally high.

In response, BAUER has developed a level of quality that withstands even highly corrosive fluids. Hot-dip galvanization of parts therefore takes place exclusively in ISO-certified workshops according to the most stringent European galvanization standards. For difficult liquids, pivot systems are made of stainless steel or with an interior coating.

Geo-based planning based on sustainability.

Turn-key and customized projects

Thanks to decades of experience in the planning and implementation of individual irrigation systems, our specialists can design a wide variety of solutions from standalone systems to large-scale irrigation systems. This always happens according to the strictest European standards of quality and provides our customers with both environmental and economic benefits due to economical and efficient use of water.

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