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The trend towards simplicity covers many areas of life, including irrigation technology. Bauer's answer is called ProRain. Manufactured in proven, solid Bauer quality and with high-quality finish, the ProRain is limited to the basic features required for simple irrigation. It irrigates reliably and economically. The retraction speed is precisely controlled by the irrigation computer. The ProRain does without luxury out of conviction, which is also reflected in the price in a pleasing way.


BAUER Quality


Machine supports
Chain drive
Reel core
Stable in value

Hot dip galvanisation

All steel parts of the BAUER ProRain are galvanized. This means optimal corrosion protection for our machine, which is reflected in the stable value and long lifespan of our products.


Machine supports
Firmly anchored to the ground

Machine supports

An important factor for successful irrigation is that the hose-reel irrigator is anchored firmly to the ground. Thanks to an extremely flat angle for the machine supports, the power is directly passed into the centre of the machine and is therefore optimally distributed.

Chain drive
Maintenance-free operation and long lifespan

Chain drive

The power transmission for the PE pipe retraction over a large dimensioned pipe reel is achieved with high quality chain and precise, laser-cut chain elements. Due to the large diameter of the sprocket and many singular chain links, the retraction power is spread optimally over a large area. By using coated, high-performance chains, a maintenance-free operation and a long lifespan are guaranteed even with high retraction power.

Reel core
Closed reel core

Reel core

The first layer of the PE pipe is the layer exposed to the highest retraction forces and therefore it is important that no edges or small supporting points damage the PE pipe and eventually reduce its lifespan. To prevent such wear, each reel core of the ProRain drum is completely closed and equipped with a special pipe guard. The first layer of the PE pipe sits on the drum evenly and without distortion. The pipe is gently guided into the right position for each layer.



A precise level-wind system is essential for a trouble-free operation. The BAUER level-wind works gently and nearly maintenance-free through a double guided winding mechanism and a precisely driven helically grooved spindle. Especially at high retraction forces and angular PE-pipe retraction, it is important that the guide rails are supported twice in order to absorb the forces and guide the PE-pipe precisely in the right direction. This results in a longer lifespan of the PE-pipe and trouble free operation



The 4-speed turbine-gear combination combines excellent drive performance with simple operation. The 4 gears guarantee an optimally adjusted transmission and offer smooth gear changes. With the electronic control, precipitation rates can accurately be set.

BAUER combi wheel cart: the multitalented cart


The BAUER combi wheel cart is a true all-rounder among carts and adapts flexibly to any culture:

Track width is infinitely adjustable. Whether symmetric or asymmetric PE pipe retraction: the Bauer cart can do both and it’s very easy to change from one to the other. High overhead clearance prevents damages even with high crops. Large dimensioned tires guarantee a safe operation, even in rough terrain or with difficult crops


Especially in the final phase of the irrigation or on uneven terrain, the automatic tilt compensation cares for a consistent position of the sprinkler.  The angle of the water jet of the sprinkler remains unchanged and protects the crops from damages by water.

Automatic cart loading

 Am Beregnungsende wird das Kombi-Radstativ automatisch – über den PE-Roheinzug und eine spezielle Kinematik –  in die Transportposition gehoben und verriegelt. Ohne weitere Vorkehrmaßnahmen kann der ProRain sofort zum nächsten Standort transportiert werden: Die Bandbremse am Getriebe fixiert die Rohrhaspel und damit das Radstativ automatisch und absolut sicher.

The combi-cart wheel is being lifted and locked automatically via the PE pie retraction and the special kinematics at the end of the irrigation process. Due to the special construction of the PRORAIN it is not necessary to take any precautions for the transport - the band brake on the gear fixes the pipe reel and the wheel cart, automatic and absolutely safe.


Technical data

TypePE pipe
Ø mm
PE pipe
length m
max. strip length
Connection pressure
Total weight in kg
incl. water*
Total weight in kg
without water*
F3090-45090450500DTU - 742 M6,0 - 11,04.8382.851
F30100-400100400450DTU - 742 M6,0 - 11,05.1172.868
F30100-450100450500DTU - 742 M6,0 - 11,05.5093.047
F40100-540100540590DTU - 742 M6,0 - 11,04.6853.716
F40110-500110500550DTU - 742 M6,0 - 11,06.9973.812
F40120-370120370420DTU - 742 M6,0 - 11,06.4303.598
*Total weight with PE pipe, cart, sprinkler and 6 cart weights
A fine rain

BAUER boom cart AS 32

As an alternative to the wheel cart, the ProRain can be equipped with a boom cart. We recommend the Bauer boom cart AS 32, especially for sensitive crops. The fine and even drops protect plants and soil. In addition, a low connection pressure is sufficient for operation. This saves water and energy.

For detailed information see chapter booms


Bauer ECOSTAR 4300

Irrigation control on a high-tech level

  • Easy operation at the click of one button
  • 4-line display shows the operational status of the irrigation system
  • Through full-time monitoring of chose set-point and actual value of the retraction speed, the crops are precisely irrigated
  • Programming of pre- and post irrigation, easy touch button operation
  • Built-in precision clock - setting of start time with time of day
  • A solar panel and a 12 volt battery care for sufficient power supply
  • Programming of 4 different speeds within one irrigation strip
  • View of the precipitation amount and recording and summation of the total irrigation time
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