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BAUER SmartRain

The longer the distance between the operating irrigation machines and the headquarter of the farm, the more difficult it is to monitor the machines. Especially if you use a large number of irrigation machines. This means empty kilometres and wasted time that could be used much more efficiently. This is exactly why the Bauer experts thought intensively about a digital solution. Intelligent work organization saves time, money and nerves. The result of years of development work is called "SmartRain". With the GPS-supported application for smartphones and tablets, Rainstar, Pivot and pumps can be easily controlled. No matter where the user is currently located. Regular live updates keep the user informed of the current status of his systems and he can easily intervene in the running processes at any time or make any necessary optimizations. In this way the life of our customers is already getting a little easier.




Bauer Beregnung SmartRain Pivot

With SmartRain...

  • you can keep an eye on your irrigation machines at any time
  • you see where they are currently operating
  • you receive an error message in case of unplanned interruptions
  • you will be informed about the end of irrigation
  • you can use your irrigation equipment as efficiently as possible
  • you don't have to be on site at your machine all the time
On a course for industry 4.0

New possibilities thanks to SmartRain

SmartRain offers new possibilities in irrigation management. Whether in the field, at work or at home, the user remains informed of the current status of his systems via live updates. In addition to the machine itself, however, also the ground can be monitored. With SmartRain the user has the ability to enter current data into the system, such as the level of moisture in the ground, its composition and type, in order to draw conclusions for irrigation management.

The app is available for free on all typical smartphones and tablets.

In addition to the smartphone app and web access, irrigating with “SmartRain” also requires a solar-powered GPS unit on the irrigation cart in the case of Rainstar or a PRO-G control system directly on the Pivot central tower.


Smart optimized

Perfect irrigation management

Thanks to SmartRain, you can optimally plan the use of your irrigation machines based on actual status information and calculations. Downtimes are reduced.

  1. The irrigation machine has finished its operation. Has changeover been organized already?
  2. The machine has stopped its operation 5 hours ago.
  3. The irrigation machine will finish in 35 minutes. Time to organize changeover.

Always up to date

The SmartRain App gives you the possibility to control your machines from any location. You get an overview with actual status information of your irrigation machines on the smartphone, tablet or PC.

With SmartRain you know where your Rainstars are currently irrigating, when the next Rainstar has finished and the changeover of the machine needs to be organised.

You can see the operating status of your pivot at any time, can check the current position of the system and, if necessary, guide it to the required parking position for planned field work.


Efficiently organized

Which area needs to be irrigated next? Which Rainstar will be finished next? What is the optimal precipitation rate based on the measured soil moisture and the existing soil types? SmartRain guides our customers through an efficient irrigation organization.

Growing crops with modern technologies.

Alerted in time

If the Rainstar does not work as usual, the user immediately receives an SMS with an error message. This can be the case, for example, in the event of an unforeseen stop or when your machine enters a danger zone such as rails, streets or similar. This means that any waiting times caused by problems with the irrigation machine are a thing of the past.


Absolute team player

By means of a team management system you can create teams with just a few clicks.

Various machines and authorizations can be assigned to individual users. Also other companies with which you share machines, pumps or fields can be included. Every user then only receives the information for the machines assigned to him and can also remotely control these machines.

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Automatic reports

Reports on water consumption or soil conditions, business data and other evaluations can be created at any time. For internal purposes or for forwarding to authorities.

Bauer Beregnung SmartRain Pivot

Irrigation control via mobile devices

You can control pivot, Rainstar and suitable pumps directly from your smartphone or tablet.

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