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Separation means profit. Definitely.

BAUER Separation

Separation is the first step in slurry management. It is the starting point for further effective manure processing. After separation into solid and liquid media, there are many purposeful possibilities for further processing. Today, valuable bedding material or compost is produced from the separated solid matter. The liquid manure, in turn, ensures safe growth on the cropland in every vegetation phase. This replaces chemical fertiliser and saves money, protects the environment and promotes animal health.

Our Strengths

High throughput as well as optimal dry matter contents

are the distinguishing features of BAUER separators. Many years of experience, technically perfect design and the use of the highest quality materials allow the longest possible service life and make us the technology leader in this sector. Thanks to the ISO 9001 quality management system and continuous development of all individual components, we produce high-end products.

Seedlings are growing from fertile soil, environmental concepts.

Separation means saving money

Separation with the BAUER SEPARATOR turns slurry into valuable fertiliser.

  • The fully automatic separation of slurry, i.e. the separation of the slurry into a liquid and a solid phase, brings decisive advantages.
  • The remaining liquid manure can be spread at any time without the need for complex homogenisation technology.
  • The odourless solid phase can be stored without any problems.
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Making good use of existing resources

with the latest technology.

For farms with high animal concentrations, the enormous amount of slurry produced is a major problem, especially for farms with too many animals per unit area. Legal requirements aggravate the situation. Therefore, the slurry must be treated accordingly. Conventional systems for treating slurry are very time-consuming and labour-intensive, and the investment costs are enormous.

Separierter Feststoff

High economic efficiency

Especially for farms with a large number of animals and a small application area, the separation of slurry is ideal. The storage capacity of slurry is reduced by up to 30 %. The efficient use of nutrients from the liquid and solid phases allows savings on mineral fertiliser.
By selling the solids, for example to allotment gardeners or as a compost base for horticultural businesses, an additional profit can be made.

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