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Nakifuma Farm in Uganda

Separator S655

Rapid start at Nakifuma Farm in Uganda: In just a short time, a chicken farm was transformed into a modern pig breeding and processing operation.

In the vicinity of Kampala, not far from Lake Victoria in Uganda, Africa, native Scotsman Colin Watson laid the foundation for a modern pig farm at the start of 2019. Watson, who has worked on international development aid projects since 1986, took over a chicken farm there, together with his team. The goal was to transform the operation into a pig farm capable of meeting the local demand for pork with a very high level of quality.

With united forces

Ambitious goals in view

As the first step, 440 sows primarily of South African breeding were quartered in the newly adapted stalls. The first piglets were born at the start of May 2020, and by the end of August, the first of the meat was ready for delivery.
All steps take place on the farm: breeding, slaughtering and refrigeration.

Particular value is placed at the farm on the quality and correct composition of the feed for the pigs. It is prepared at the local feed mill according to a special recipe specified by the farm and then transported to the farm. The various areas – pig farm, slaughterhouse, transport, land management, marketing and management – now provide work for roughly 50 employees, all dedicated to quickly achieving the ambitious goal of producing 12,000 kilograms of meat per week.

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Since 2018

Nakifuma Farm

Founded in 2018 by AgDevCo and Centurion Agricultural Partners

Bauer machinery: Operating on the farm since early 2020: Separator S655, submersible motor pump CSP 5.5 kW (both with control unit), electric mixer MEX 450G, eccentric screw pump Helix Drive 556

Advantages of separation:

Nakifuma Farm appreciates the advantages of manure separation: The volume and odor are considerably reduced, and the solids can be stored without special precautions. Plus, a new project for lucrative utilization of the solids is well under way.